Understanding The Evolving Customer Journey

The days of Search > Click > Buy are over. Back in 2000, choices for online shopping were limited, resulting in nearly one in five people making a purchase directly after visiting a website. It’s certainly not the case today.

Consumers expect to compare prices, read up on product reviews, search for complementary items, get the best deal on delivery and are primed for a potential return – before they commit to the purchase.

In short, the customer journey is now a moving target, forcing retailers to examine whether they are meeting their customer at each point of this unique, and often fragmented journey.

ChannelAdvisor has compiled this eBook to showcase how you can be there in the moments that matter, crafting compelling strategies that move your customers through the funnel towards the sale.

Download now to learn how to leverage a wide range of marketplace and digital marketing tactics to reach consumers at any stage of their journey.

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