Waitrose to ban plastic glitter in Christmas products

Waitrose glitter

Waitrose has pledged to ban plastic glitter found in its Christmas products by 2020 in response to growing pressure for grocery retailers to do more to combat plastic waste.

The upmarket retailer said it planned to phase out the tiny, shiny flecks, which are made of plastic and can contaminate the oceans and poison marine life.

It added that within two years time, all its own-brand Christmas cards, wrap, crackers, tags, flowers and plants will be free of plastic glitter.

In its place, Waitrose said it would use plastic-free biodegradable alternatives to create the same sparkle.

“Reducing the impact of plastics on the environment is something our customers care passionately about,” Waitrose head of social responsibility Tor Harris said.

“While it’s important to eliminate the use of glitter, we’ll find other ways to make sure our products sparkle at Christmas and throughout the year.”

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