AI-powered shopping cart set to take on Amazon Go

// AI-powered cart uses cameras to recognise items placed inside
// Customers can pay via card machine on the cart, eliminating queue times
// Already introduced in 2 chains, with hundreds more set for this year

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US technology company Caper has launched an AI-powered shopping cart which will recognise any items placed in it and charge to customer automatically.

In a potentially major challenge to the cashierless Amazon Go store formats, which use cameras and sensors to determine when items are taken off their shelves and placed into a basket, Caper has placed the technology in a shopping cart.

Built-in sensors in the cart will identify items as they’re placed inside, and place them in a virtual basket which is displayed on an interactive screen.

Though its current system, which is live already live in two grocery chains, requires users to scan the barcodes of items before they’re placed in the basket, scan-less carts are reportedly not far away.

Its interactive screen will also suggest items to shoppers and provide them with a map of the store and where to find them, a feature which has increased basket sizes by 18 per cent in the stores which have adopted the technology.

Once a shopper has all the items they need, they can pay via a card machine on the cart and leave the store without having to queue.

This year Caper is due to roll its AI-powered carts out to another 150 retail chains.

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