Kroger teams up with Microsoft to take on Amazon Go stores

// Kroger has partnered with tech giant Microsoft launch two high-tech store pilots
// The system will integrate Microsofts EDGE display and Azure infrastructure
// It represents a serious challenge to Amazon’s Go stores

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Kroger has teamed up with Microsoft to launch two state-of-the-art grocery store pilots to rival Amazon’s cashierless Go stores.

The US’ largest supermarket has outfitted two locations in Monroe, Ohio and Redmond, Washington with its high-tech systems using Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure.

This will include its Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment (EDGE), a digital shelving unit display system which shows shoppers real-time pricing, promotional and nutritional information.

Using an integrated app, shoppers will also be able to create shopping lists and be guided around the store to find their items.

Its system will also use video analytics to alert store staff to when inventories are running low, as well as notifying customers when something is out of stock.

The pair will reportedly market the technology to third party retailers.

“Our partnership brings together Kroger’s world-class expertise in the grocery industry with the power of Azure and Azure AI,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said.

“Together, we will redefine the shopping experience for millions of customers at both Kroger and other retailers around the world, setting a new standard for innovation in the industry.”

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