Hands On with the Bump app

As online shopping rises, the Bump app swoops in to draw streetwear lovers. With customisation features and a community feel, consumers can easily find the best labels with a simple click. Retail Gazette took it for a test run.

Bump app

What is it?

Bump is a shopping app where fans of streetwear can find clothing, footwear and accessories from limited-released brands, as well as sell their own items.

Not only does the app help with finding streetwear favourites, it also simplifies the search process for users thanks to its specifying feature where you can shop for items by brand, colour, size, condition, and price.

Bump also assures safe shopping for its users because all purchases and sales through the app are connected to the users’ PayPal account for payment protection.

Users can easily list an item they want to sell and Bump will feature it to interested buyers for an easy find and purchase.

The app has also built its foundation on a community where users can easily message other buyers and sellers for any queries.

With a curated feed, Bump’s support staff and team of moderators clear any inappropriate listings on the app, which makes it a lot easier for users to find authentic listings.

Bump can also be used as a social media platform once an account is created, allowing users to follow their favourite accounts to see the latest listings and build a personal profile.

If users wish to connect to Facebook, they are able to send listings directly to Facebook friends without having to leave the Bump app.


When users launch the app, they will have to sign up via email in order to create an account.

After they’ve signed up, they are given the option by Bump on whether it can access their location to find listings nearby.

Bump app

Bump app

Users can then customise their search selection by choosing the shoe sizes and clothing sizes they’re looking for so it’s easier once they shop, and are able to change their options later on if needed.

Bump app

The app also features a brief overview for users so that they know what options they have when using the app.

Bump app

The homepage features all the listings, which users can choose how to categorise, whether it’s by the latest listings, streetwear, vintage streetwear, or the listings from the users that they’re following.

Bump app


What makes Bump distinctive is its community feel.

The app is also simple to use because of its similarity to a social media platform.

All users will have an activity page that allows them to see activities by users that they’re following, and if their items are “liked” they will be notified here.

The in-app shopping feature is quick as it’s click-after-click and users will have bought their items. The only thing the user has to do is once they’ve come across an item they’ve liked is follow the on-screen instructions.

Online shopping has been on the rise recently and Bump joins other apps to provide an easy shopping platform for streetwear lovers.

Bump app

The messages page lets users message other people with listings they’re interested in, as well as search for groups who share the same interests. Users can also divide sellers and buyers so it’s easier for them to find listings.

Bump 8

Users can view their profile page by clicking on the person icon. The page shows their username, how many listings they follow, the date they joined, what they’re selling/liking, their given reviews, and orders. The profile gives a personalised feel and users can also view other people’s profiles for a more authentic connection.

Bump app

Bump automatically follows 12 popular accounts for the user once they’ve joined. This makes it easier for them to find listings and get an idea of how to connect with other accounts before they find ones they’re interested in.

Bump app

When searching for listings, users can filter their choices. They can choose the brands they want to see, specific colours, as well as the selection of items, whether it’s tops, shoes, or outerwear.

Users can also choose whatever size they’re looking for, and choose from an option of male or female to see what items are listed for them.

Bump app

The items will have “Buyer Protection Guarantee” at the top to remind users that the payment process is protected via PayPal should there be an issue with the item. Users can also see whether the item is new or used.

Bump app



Bump is evidently an easy app to use, and it’s hard not to like its personalised features such as having your own profile page, categorising brands, sizes, and colours, as well as messaging users with similar interests.

However, the app may not be for everyone specifically due to these personalised features. Although payment protection is guaranteed, many might still feel hesitant to provide their payment details on a non-mainstream app.

Moreover, the app’s simplicity stems from its personalisation as well as its automatic follow of 12 popular brands upon creating a profile – which gives consumers a taste of what’s out there.

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