Adidas loses three-stripe trademark battle in EU court

Adidas trademark
// Adidas’ three stripes logo ‘not valid’ as a trademark
// Founder Adi Dassler had the logo first imprinted on a football boot in 1949
// The EU court ruled the design as not “distinctive” enough

Adidas’ three-stripe trademark battle has proved unsuccessful in the European court as it ruled the design was not “distinctive” enough.

The German sportswear retailer had the logo first imprinted on a football boot in 1949 by founder Adi Dassler.

The general court of the EU said the company did not “prove that that mark has acquired, throughout the territory of the EU, distinctive character following the use which had been made of it”.

The court ruling follows Adidas’ long-time disagreement with Belgian company Shoe Branding Europe.

In 2016, Shoe Branding Europe applied to the EU intellectual property office for Adidas’ three-stripe trademark to be annulled.

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  1. Bad decision. The Adidas three stripe “logo” / trade mark has been around for long enough to have cemented its design and trade mark. Adidas should have been allowed to retain this exclusively. A poor decision.


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