Friday Fun One: B&M’s “It’s Pimty Tare!” sign

pimty tare
(Pic credit: Fran Taylor)

A “Party Time” birthday banner from B&M recently went viral on social media after it was misspelled as “Pimty Tare” instead.

Fran Taylor, who writes parenting blog Whinge Whinge Wine, found the mistake when preparing for her son’s 4th birthday.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “That’s right, it’s Pimty Tare in this house.

“Thanks for nothing B&M Stores, you big pile of useless cheap shite.

“At least he’s only 4 tomorrow so he won’t f*****g realise.”

Taylor, from Tonbridge in Kent, said she had been drinking Pimm’s in the sunshine and refused to spend time re-threading the banner.

“To the humourless bastards pointing out that one could rethread it… No. Shan’t. And you’re not invited to my pimty,” she wrote.

B&M quickly got in touch to apologise for the mistake.

“First of all, we hope your son has a brilliant 4th birthday pimty – they grow up too quickly!” the retailer said.

“Secondly, thanks for letting us know about this. We’re sorry to see this – not sure how it’s happened, so we’ll look into it for you.

“We know it’s too late for you, but your sacrifice may allow us to save others… it’s a noble deed.”

B&M also offered to send out a gift to make up for the error, and signed off: “Thanks, the big pile of useless cheap shite, B&M.”

In response, Taylor said: “That was nice given it wasn’t really a complaint as such. It just made us laugh.

“We are definitely keeping the banner – it’s a new family tradition.”

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