Retail Gazette Loves: John Lewis lifts ban on dogs in store

Dog lovers rejoice!

John Lewis dogs

There are many shops in the UK that don’t allow dogs unless they’re assistance or guide dogs, but John Lewis has just lifted its ban to ensure that responsible owners bring in their “well-behaved” best friends.

The new policy came into effect nationwide earlier this year but John Lewis publicly announced it on Tuesday through a Twitter post.

Scrappy Nelson, a Twitter account based on a user’s pet border terrier, tweeted at John Lewis to ask whether he and could visit the Milton Keynes branch for his birthday alongside his canine brother Duncan Pickles.

In response, John Lewis said “dogs are welcome with immediate effect”, as long as they are “well behaved” and “on a fixed lead at all times”.

The department store retailer said owners with smaller dogs should pick their pets up and carry them when they use the escalators to avoid any injured paws.

However, the new policy has been met with a handful of criticism on Twitter, with people expressing concerns over having canines in-store when shopping.

Meanwhile, luxury department store Selfridges said it allows small dogs, but they must be carried or placed in a holdall – presumably one with breathing holes.

On the other hand, Harrods does not allow animals inside “to ensure our customers’ safety” – unless they’re assistance dogs.

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  1. I’m delighted that John Lewis is allowing dogs!. As many people are having homecations and bring their pet on holiday is perfect- I always see my four legged friends standing outside with their normally male owner!. Of course my owner would not take me shopping on a wet day.

    George Street in Edinburgh is dog friendly, Im always offered water.

    Look forward to a shopping trip in JL

  2. I agree it’s great that we can take our dogs into John Lewis stores. They do need to have a section that we can take refreshment in with our best friends as at the moment you have to go hungry or go down the road to a doggy friendly cafe. Pity we cannot copy France where they are allowed almost anywhere. Having had 5 children I find my dogs are generally much better behave in shops than they were.

  3. I like dogs but am extremely allergic to them, so having them inside a store where I am shopping is a big negative for me. Do dog owners avoid John Lewis because their pets are not allowed? Will this encourage more dog owners to shop in John Lewis? I don’t see this as anything other than a flagging retailer needing a bit of PR, and they have chosen pooches as the lead. I am guessing cat owners will be on the prowl campaigning to get their feline friends through the doors as well…

  4. Well to be honest, the number of dogs that you will encounter will be negligible. I too have a dog allergy although I do have a dog that is hypoallergenic who to maintain this is bathed at least once a week. If I go to John Lewis I spend about 5 minutes just dashing in to get a particular item as my dog is left in the car. This will now mean that I can take my time and have a better shopping experience. I also have a dog buggy as my little one is not that young anymore so would place her in the buggy so that she is not under anyones feet and will not cause a nuisance. Far better an odd well behaved dog than a child/children running amok and banging into you (I am disabled) or a toddle screaming it’s head off in a tantrum because mum won’t buy it what it wants.

  5. I’m so disappointed by this. I don’t understand why people who don’t love dogs aren’t being considered. I’m allergic and also terrified of dogs and I now feel u welcome at John Lewis as well as at many cafes, restaurants and hotels.

  6. I absolutely would not shop in a store which allows dogs inside unless of course for medical reasons. It is bad enough allowing dogs to make a mess in the streets and owners walking away if they think they haven’t been seen. Even more alarming for this to be happening in shops.


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