River Island’s new brand to attract older age group

River Island Harpenne
// River Island is releasing new brand Harpenne to appeal to older age group
// The autumn/winter collection includes 120 different ethically-sourced items

River Island is launching a new womenswear brand called Harpenne, which will focus on appealing to an older age group.

The fashion retailer said the new brand, due to launch in September, will fill a “gap in the market”.

The autumn/winter collection includes 120 different ethically-sourced items designed to suit all body shapes.

“Harpenne was created after noticing a huge gap in the market, we want to give the forgotten customer a voice,” River Island business development managing director Fiona Lambert said.

“The pieces within the collection are inspired by culture and individuality. Aimed at women with attitude, Harpenne wants to revolutionise the retail offering so all women can embrace their sense of style and feel confident, no matter what their age.”

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  1. Excited for this new launch I’m a 52 year old woman and still dress very trendy I love RI clothes but see it more targeted to the younger generation, think this will do very well indeed Thank you RI

  2. I’ve been a regular customer of river island for year and love this shop I’m now 68 and still shop there a lot so looking forward to their new range

  3. Really pleased they’re aiming to cater for us slightly older ladies who still like to look less frumpy. I just hope the range takes into consideration those of us who need bigger sizes xx

  4. I am 71 and love RI looking forward to seeing your new range
    I love to dress up and our age group have the money to spend but no one in the fashion industry includes us
    So well done RI

  5. I’m 64yrs old always shopped at Chelsea Girl then carried on to River Island, I know what I can and cannot wear

  6. Was Chelsea Girl Shopper in 70s have always liked the classic dramatic look of River Island even though I’m 60isshh: Roll on the New generation of RI unsure of the name though not catchy enough x

  7. Why would River Island launch another brand for the already well catered for market when they own the fabulous retailer Mint Velvet who service that sector extremely well.
    Is this not competing with yourself?

  8. I love your clothes now and I am 54 . Choose wisely..there is always something bang on trend and age appropriate whilst still being sexy and feminine…thanks Riverisland

  9. I turn 50 in a couple of weeks.Most of my clothes shoes and bags are river island.Cant wait to see this new range for older women

  10. I love River Island I love their bags and shoes and have bought t shirts looking forward to the older ladies section I’m 67 well done River Island

  11. Well done River island I love your clothes even at 58 still shop with you when I can find bigger sizes which is not that often. Please stock more 14 16 &18 I notice in the sale big sizes are gone and only 6 and 8’s left. Surely that shows how popular they are.

  12. I loved the comments about Chelsea Girl. I worked there in early 70s I’m 64 too but still like a bit of style! Just hope they do reasonable sizes most shops only cater for small sizes.

  13. Well done …I’m a nanny 57 love clothes and fashion dont wanna look like a granny but also dont wanna look like mutton dressed up as lamb
    So fingers crossed for this new clothes line for us older gals who still wanna look trendy classy and sassy !!

  14. Kaye Scott I love river island clothes especially their blazers and tops and dresses lm 57 don’t want to look fuddy diddy.

  15. I look forward to this collection from River Island. I am in my late 50s and still shop there as many others do. I am only 5’2″ so hopefully the new range will accomodate those of us who are not quite so tall! I am currently always able to find something trendy. I agree they can be a little pricey at times, but I often wait for a sale or an offer. Whilst they may own Mint Velvet, which does cater for my age group, they are far more expensive and offer little for petite women. Hopefully this new collection will be a real bonus.

  16. I love river island cloths. I’m still wearing things I bought years ago and it still looks stylish. I turned 50 last year and am so glad yr doing a range for the older lady . Thank you xx


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