Hands On with Nike’s Sneakrs app

Nike may have created a boost in shoppers flocking to its stores since releasing the Sneakrs app, which offers users the chance to shop for the latest shoes and gives access to special events. Retail Gazette tries it out.

Nike Sneakrs app sneakerhead exclusive

Nike fans can now easily access the iconic sportswear brand’s latest goods thanks to its new Sneakrs app.

The creation of the app came about in the advent of online releases becoming nearly impossible to obtain due to the bot craze, as well as an influx of traffic from consumers who aim to resell rather than wear.


The app, which is created by the world’s largest supplier of sports goods – Nike – features a platform where users can stay up to date on releases, get the history behind the sneakers, and even purchase their favourites.

Sneakrs is available to iOS and Android users in 19 countries and across 14 languages.

It offers the best catalogue of men’s and women’s shoes, including popular franchises like Air Force 1, Air Max, Foamposite and Jordan, as well as Nike SB products.


Upon launching the app, customers can find the option to join, log in or continue as a guest.


Nike Sneakrs app sportswear
Nike fans can easily access the latest goods once they’ve logged in to the app


They will then be directed to the front page, where the latest and most popular sneakers are featured.

Nike Sneakrs app sportswear
The home page consists of Nike’s latest & most popular sneakers


Users can view their profile to see their favourites and past purchases. #

They can also use their “Nike Pass” to check out at all Nike stores, as well as access the latest events.

Nike Sneakrs app sportswear

Nike Sneakrs app sportswear

The app’s “Discover” page features a collection of Nike’s top sneakers, which gives users a better idea of the history behind the classic shoes.

Nike Sneakrs app sportswear
Sneakrs’ Discover page features the best of Nike shoes


Users are also given a filter option, which means they can refine their search to allow for a seamless shopping experience.

Nike Sneakrs app sportswear
The app allows users to add filters to simplify their shopping experience


The app also features products which are currently in stock as well as upcoming so users can easily find what they’re looking for.

Nike Sneakrs app sportswearNike Sneakrs app sportswear














The app is designed for sneakerheads because it solely focuses on Nike’s trainers.

It probably won’t appeal to those who prefer rival brands such as Adidas, Puma or Reebok.

Sneakrs also gives users the chance to get their hands on limited releases and special products.

From classics to the newest releases, Sneakrs has insider access to the latest – including launches, drops and the production process behind all sneakers.

It’s especially convenient for customers who would prefer to be the first to purchase a collection.

And while other sneaker-focused apps such as Goat mainly features upmarket shoes from different brands, Sneakrs features Nike shoes with high street prices.

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