Asda workers protest against “flexible” contract

Asda GMB Union contract employment strike protest
On Monday, 12 Asda stores from Brighton to Glasgow saw protests as the GMB called on the grocer to offer staff a fair deal
// Asda workers protest outside stores to challenge new contract
// GMB Union said workers would be dismissed on November 2 if they did not sign the contract
// The contract would allegedly scrap paid breaks & workers would have to work bank holidays

Asda workers have staged protests at stores across the UK against a new “flexible” contract.

The trade union for Asda workers, GMB, said members would face the sack on November 2 if they did not sign what they called a “punitive” contract.

The union said the contract would mean around 3000 shop-floor staff would have pay for their breaks removed and would be forced to work on bank holidays.

However, the Big 4 grocer said the overwhelming majority of its staff had already signed the contract.

On Monday, 12 Asda stores from Brighton to Glasgow saw protests as the GMB called on the grocer to offer staff a fair deal.

GMB regional organiser Giovanna Holt told The Guardian that the contracts were an “absolute disgrace”.

“People can’t work like that. People have young children, elderly parents, disabled relatives they need to look after,” she told the newspaper.

“You cannot just drop people at four weeks’ notice and expect people to change their lives round.

“This is a good loyal workforce who thought they were part of a family and to treat people like that is just appalling.

“This is now a minimum wage employer with minimum benefits. And this is a wealthy, wealthy company.

“It’s an American culture. Everything they do gets reported back into America and their culture is being imposed on the company here. It just doesn’t work.”

Meanwhile, an Asda spokeswoman told The Guardian that the contract was about “increasing the take-home pay of more than 100,000 retail colleagues”.

She said: “We understand colleagues have commitments outside of work and will not be asking them to constantly move the time they work, their days or departments.”

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  1. Since businesses started treating people as a resource instead of human beings working conditions have seriously deteriorated.
    Customers have the ability to show their concerns around how retail staff are treated by big companies.

  2. Flexible for the supermarket and not staff. Most of the staff are part time working mum or person with another job. No one has signed new contract despite notice being handed to sign or quit in three montgs. day light robbery and robbing poor staff. Look at small grocery stores like Aldi and Liddle doing fine and paying good wages to staff. Asda ha be always squeezed first farmers and growers and now staff. Supermarket killed corner shops and now German grocers killing Supermarkets?

  3. They make enough profit to pay a decent amount of money to the staff they work hard should be paid a decent wage plus a seonial bonus big bosses get one a staff should as well


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