Charity shops searched over 100,000 times a month in UK

Online shoppers in the UK search the keyword
The ‘resale’ market is booming, with people worldwide purchasing second-hand clothing.
// The US searches almost 1 million times a month for thrift shops
// In second place, Germans make over 330,000 searches a month for flea markets/resale stores
// NZ is the least interested in resale – searching only 6750 times a month

Online shoppers in the UK search the keyword “second-hand” 100,000 times a month, new data has revealed.

Brits came third in‘s investigation into how often countries search for “second-hand”, “resale” and other derivatives.

Utilising Ahref’s Keyword Explorer, the British online marketplace found search volumes for terms related to “second-hand/resale” in 13 different countries – identifying who had the most interest.


Results showed that the US searched almost one million times a month for “thrift shops”.

Perhaps due to its size, it is unsurprising that the US was the most curious about recycling their used clothes and products.

Germany came second with 338,640 unique searches per month.

Specifically, the German term “flohmarkt” (flea market) accounted for 193,000 of this total.

France and Italy, known for its luxury brands, placed fifth and sixth respectively with 42,560 and 34,110 monthly searches for second-hand.

New Zealand were the least interested in second-hand clothing, with only 6750 searches.

Alongside general interest in resale, many searched where their nearest second-hand shop was.

OnBuy found terms related to second-hand shops or flea markets “near me” – where individuals intend to visit one.


The table above summarised these results, where the third column indicates the percentage of total searches these terms make up.

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