Sustainable demand prompts surge in eBay’s refurbished furniture sales

Sustainable demand prompts surge in eBay's refurbished furniture sales
// New data from eBay UK reveals that more customers than ever before are actively choosing to purchase sustainable homewares
// Searches for “eco furniture” on eBay UK up 123% and “sustainable furniture” up 171%#
// This demand has driven a 74% searches increase in eBay UK’s refurbished home category

New data from eBay reveals that more customers than ever before are choosing to buy sustainable homewares, driving a boost in the refurbished furniture market.

With stay-at-home orders and prolonged store closures due to lockdown, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted more people to buy home furniture online, which has subsequently led to more returns for stock that is largely good as new.

At the same time, eBay said consumers were increasingly looking for more eco-friendly options to furnish their home, which has led to a big spike in searches for refurbished options.

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According to eBay, searches for “refurbished sofa” were up 133 per cent in 2020 vs the prior year, and searches for “refurbished bed” were up 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, searches for “eco furniture” and “sustainable furniture” saw a huge rise in 2020 compared to 2019, up 123 per cent and 171 per cent respectively.

“It’s clear that more people than ever are choosing to invest in the spaces they live in – whether it be buying a new sofa, splashing out on furnishings, or upgrading kitchen appliances,” eBay UK home and garden manager Alex Hiatt said.

“The stamp duty holiday has also given an important boost to the sector, as renters become owners and need to furnish a brand-new home for the first time.

“Refurbished items are clearly front of mind for many not just because they are more sustainable, but they’re also great value.

“This customer interest is a trend we expect will continue – that both larger and smaller furniture retailers can continue to benefit from.”

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