Uniqlo reopens Chinese stores despite ongoing coronavirus threat

Uniqlo Fast Retailing coronavirus
The Japanese retailer owned by Fast Retailing, said China is its key growth market
// Uniqlo reopens over 100 stores in China while 125 remain closed
// It operates a total of 750 stores in China

Uniqlo has reportedly reopened more than 100 stores in China in the past week although 125 stores remained closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to Reuters.

The Japanese retailer owned by Fast Retailing, operates 750 stores in China, which is its key growth market at a time when it is faced with declining sales in Japan.

Fast Retailing also has 128 of its 242 global sewing factories located in China.


The effects of the coronavirus outbreak on business began to show last week at Uniqlo’s spring/summer collection, when a few items were reported missing –  raising fears of supply chain disruption in China.

Almost all partner factories have restarted, although not all workers were back at work, Fast Retailing said on Friday.

“At present, we have secured most of the necessary inventory for our current needs,” it said.

“While Uniqlo continues to expand into new markets in such regions as Europe and Asia for example, Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and Southeast Asia will continue to serve as the key pillars of its business growth.”

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