Iceland to open early for the elderly amid coronavirus outbreak

Iceland coronavirus covid-19 stockpiling
From Wednesday, 100 Iceland branches across the UK will be open from 08:00 between Monday and Friday
// Iceland to open an hour early for the elderly
// The move comes as it finds ways to help the vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak

Iceland has announced that some of its stores will open an hour earlier to allow the elderly to shop when it is quieter and to get first dibs on essentials amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The frozen food specialist said it is not a company policy, but a rather a way to determine the best ways to meet shoppers’ needs in local stores as panic buying has led to empty shelves.

From Wednesday, 100 of its branches across the UK will be open from 8am between Monday and Friday for those who are at highest risk from the virus.


Some of the stores include Iceland’s Kennedy Centre store in West Belfast and Iceland’s Food Warehouse store in Thanet.

In a joint letter on Sunday, supermarkets have attempted to convince customers to stop stockpiling amid the outbreak.

Several supermarkets have already limited the sales of certain products to avoid them selling out completely.

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s called on customers to be “considerate” as panic buying has seen shelves stripped of staple products.

Last week, Iceland managing director Richard Walker said shoppers are turning to frozen food as the coronavirus outbreak spreads.

Walker said that there was no need for shoppers to panic buy, with the frozen food grocer reporting “no supply issues” despite the outbreak.

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  1. Morning, how is this supposed to help? Most elderly folk don’t leave the house that early. The shelves will be emptied an hour earlier than they are now.

  2. Try to look at this as a positive, Gordon. Come up with a brighter idea – the stores need all the help they can get right now.


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