Coronavirus: Next sales could drop by 100%, retailer warns

Next covid-19 trading update
Next has cautioned on its outlook for trading in the coming months
// Next warns on coronavirus impact on trading performance
// Sales could tumble by up to 100% in the coming weeks
// Online sales are likely to perform far better

Next is preparing for a “significant” trading downturn after the coronavirus pandemic takes its toll on the retailer as sales drop 30 per cent in recent days.

However, the retailer said it could “comfortably sustain” more than £1 billion loss of sales over the full year – including sales declines of up to 100 per cent in some weeks during the peak of the outbreak.

Online sales are likely to perform better than its 498 stores due to the UK government’s new social distancing measures.


Despite this, Next has cautioned on its outlook for trading in the coming months, saying that “people do not buy a new outfit to stay at home”.

The news comes after Next reported a 0.8 per cent rise in pre-tax profits to £728.5 million for the year to January as overall full-price brand sales increased four per cent.

“When the pandemic first appeared in China, we assumed that the threat was to our supply chain,” Next chief executive Lord Simon Wolfson said.

“It is now very clear that the risk to demand is by far the greatest challenge we face and we need to prepare for a significant downturn in sales for the duration of the pandemic.

“Online sales are likely to fare better than retail but will also suffer significant losses – people do not buy a new outfit to stay at home.”

The final week of January saw Next’s sales rise by 2.1 per cent, but this dropped by 8.8 per cent last week and by 30 per cent since Sunday.

In the event of a prolonged closure period, Next warned it may have to take “radical” action on wages to help cut costs.

However, the fashion retailer hopes it can offset a severe trading hit by not requiring staff to work more than their contracted hours.

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  1. Interesting how the focus is on trading and profit and not people “not requiring staff to work more than their contracted hours” is a very telling phrase. Compare that to how other retailers are taking a human approach …

  2. the role of any organisation is to protect as many of the people as it can, which will often be at the expense of some people.

    You can’t save everyone, they are being honest

  3. Gradually sales going down which will affect other countries finance budget and drastically fall down garments supply chain countries like- Bangladesh,Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri lanka etc. because those country doesn’t has sufficient liquid money for handling this kind of current epidemic situation.

    This situation is showing “Silent world war 3 is going on ‘ how can you survive in this world ? “


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