Poundland expands footprint in sex toys market with new £1 vibrators

Poundland steps into sex toys market with launch of £1 vibrators
Poundland started selling sex toys in 2016.
// Poundland launches £1 vibrators after pregnancy kits soar during the coronavirus lockdown
// Available in more than 700 Poundland stores which remain open to sell essentials

Poundland has launched a new £1 vibrator just days after it revealed a massive surge in the sales of pregnancy test kits thanks to the coronavirus lockdown.

The discount retailer said the £1 Caress goes on sale this week at more than 700 Poundland stores which have been able to remain open to sell essential items.

The news comes after Poundland recently said that weekly sales of pregnancy test kits had risen by a quarter since the first week of lockdown.

Sales of condoms have shown a slight drop over the same period.

When Poundland first started selling sex toys in 2016, its original vibrating bullet was a best seller and created a buzz on social media.

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The new gold-coloured Caress joins Poundland’s Nooky range of sex aids sold on the top shelf of the health and beauty section.

“Now that the weather has turned cooler and wetter, here’s something for an indoor activity that hits the spot,” Poundland buyer Shauna Falconer said.

“It’s clear that people have been making their own entertainment during lockdown, as the rise in pregnancy test sales show.”

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