Home and Garden 100: Ecommerce Report


2020 Magento Edition

Download the first edition of Fluid Digital’s Home and Garden 100: Ecommerce Report, a benchmark report analysing 100 retailers in the home and garden industry.

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The home and garden industry is a fast growing ecommerce vertical, but with very specific challenges. In the current retail climate, many retailers are looking to the home and garden industry for inspiration, because of the success that many in this industry are experiencing.

The primary aim of Fluid Digital’s report is to analyse the industry and identify key trends that other retailers can benchmark against. How many home and garden retailers offer free delivery? How do home and garden retailers showcase reviews? How many home and garden retailers offer Apple Pay as a payment method? These trends present a clear picture of where customer expectations lie, but also where the key opportunities are for the industry.

Each retailer in this report has also been given a benchmark score, based on a number of scoring criteria with a foundation in ecommerce best practice, providing us with a list of top performing home and garden retailers for others to take inspiration from.

Download the report


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