Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group begins shuttering several stores

Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group Philip Day
Over 20,000 jobs are at risk if the group – which also owns the Peacocks – files for administration
// Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group has earmarked several stores for permanent closure
// Store staff said they have not been informed of the permanent closures
// The group has a total of 1100 stores across its portfolio

Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group has reportedly set aside several stores in its UK portfolio for permanent closure, after recently being granted a 10-day extension of creditor protection.

The group, which owns Austin Reed, Jaeger and Jacques Vert, has permanently closed its stores in Penrith in Cumbria and Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands, Drapers reported.

Stores in Andover in Hampshire, Oswestry in Shropshire and Newbury in Berkshire have left “closing down sale” signs in their shop windows.


Meanwhile, Peacocks stores in Acomb in North Yorkshire, East Dereham in Norfolk, Ryde and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, Washington in Tyne and Wear, and the Bonmarché stores in Newcastle upon Tyne also have “closing down sale” signs displayed.

Store staff said they have not been informed of the permanent closures.

The group has a total of 1100 stores across its portfolio.

In October, it was reported that EWM was planning to close 50 stores, resulting in around 600 redundancies, after filing notice of its intention to appoint administrators.

This was due to expire last Thursday, but the group managed to secure a 10-day extension of creditor protection.

Over 20,000 jobs are at risk if the group – which also owns the Peacocks – files for administration.

Over the weekend, Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group expressed an interest in acquiring Jaeger, Austin Reed and Jacques Vert in a bid to boost the group’s portfolio.

Last week, it was reported that TM Lewin’s parent company Torque Brands, Simba Sleep co-founder James Cox and Jaeger’s former owner Harold Tillman were among the bidders for Day’s Jaeger brand.

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  1. No mention of Ponden Homes stores under the EWM news! Likely to be another sector of Day’s business being closed in very near future.

    • Well said…..”If you don’t like it, leave” is what our area manager would say if any questions were asked.
      Even when a store closes staff don’t get to find anything out about their jobs….disgusting.

  2. Some of the Peacocks stores in my area (wales) have already been permanently closed, and some have “closing down sale” window posters. Thinking I would get a bargain, I visited a local store… the only sale items were from last Summer. So… ?

    • Really how selfish it is incredible what priorities people have out there. Really must be very difficult for you with that life changing dilemma never mind the people losing jobs and homes

  3. Posters arrived today no notice 5 Day count down does this person who grew up on a council estate nit understand he playing with people lives as well as mental health W where are my human rights

  4. Can any one if Cheddar Gorge store is to close My husband has told me that there is a new store opened in the local garden centre just 2 miles from Cheddar at Draycott It is all set up with its others companies inside related to The Edinburgh Wool Shop If all these companies that are related pull out then where does this leave the newly over taken over Garden Centre that is presented beautifully ??? Concerned purchaser from Cheddar who has already lost over the last few years Hughes department store British Homes Stores Bon March Narks and Spensers and more from our nearby big shopping centre Weston Super Mare Other retailers have also closed down

  5. Can tell from the article that they’ve not actually asked anyone in the know what’s happening. Plenty of gossip and misinformation on whats happening with the stores at least. Don’t believe everything you read.

  6. Every Peacocks store I have seen recently has closing down sale banners up… Seems premature, either that or everyone, likely including staff, is being kept thoroughly in the dark.

  7. I feel so sad for the staff.
    We often travel on a day out to the shop in kilmahog just outside callender, have a browse, have something to eat .
    The staff are second to none, here manager Myra, is so welcoming, it was like visiting an old friend. It was always busy with tour buses passing on their way up north.
    Now a day out up that way for us is just empty.
    Even the EWM shop in leith Edinburgh was our ‘go to’ shop for towels, clothes etc.

    No need for this at all, the EWM is iconic.

    • Us too Tricia, used to buy my Pringle tee shirts at the Kilmahog shop, plus a bacon butty by the stream in the Car Park, not this year, closed and shuttered.

  8. I work for Bonmarche and should have been paid on Monday and didn’t get paid
    can’t get a hold of anyone leaving messages and no one gets back to you absolutely disgusting

  9. Leighton Buzzard store has had closing down sale banners for ages. Have been told sale only applies to old ie summer stock. Store in question had not been re-opened long. Feel very sorry for the rank and file.

  10. Are you aware of any other colleagues not been paid on Monday 26th or is Bonmarche pay days different to EWM (26th of the month) ie last day of the month 30 Oct.BonMarche is not part of the EWM Group.

  11. I worked in one of the Ponden stores . And my branch never reopened after Lockdown. Was told last Friday that we wouldnt be reopen. So the last 2 days have been packing the shop up. Sad times.

  12. Again read it in the times today message to Philip day what’s happen to are pensions your no different to Philip green but you not a sir


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