Morrisons extends discount scheme for key workers

Morrisons voucher discount covid-19 pandemic
The 10% discount means key workers can use it throughout the festive season and into the new year
// Morrisons extends its ‘Thank you’ discount to thank key workers
// The grocer said it made it easier and quicker for NHS staff and teachers to redeem the discount
// Morrisons introduced the first ‘Thank you’ discount in April to NHS staff

Morrisons has extended its discount scheme for NHS staff, teachers and Blue Light Card holders in an effort to thank them during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 10 per cent discount means key workers can use it throughout the festive season and into the new year.

Morrisons said it has made it easier and quicker for NHS staff and teachers to redeem the discount following feedback from key workers.


They can now join the More For NHS Club or More For Teachers Club and use the Morrisons More Card app at the till.

Blue Light Card holders still need to present their card at the till of any of Morrisons 498 stores in order to receive their discount.

“As we approach the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, we want to continue to support those that have gone above and beyond their usual roles this year, often in exceptionally difficult circumstances,” Morrisons chief executive David Potts said.

“This discount is a thank you for all that they have done and continue to do for us all.”

Morrisons introduced the first ‘Thank you’ discount in April to NHS staff alongside a dedicated shopping hour from 6am – 7am (Mon – Sat).

The service has since been extended to include teachers and their support staff as well as emergency service workers via the Blue Light Card.

Additionally, Morrisons is also continuing to offer a five per cent discount to its 2700 farmers to thank them for feeding the nation through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    • I was thinking about the bin men / women part as I’m a bin women and we have worked all year without getting any extras I’m kind of sure if we wouldn’t be collecting the rubbish each week the streets would be a mess more rats and more people would be sick but all that counts is NHS and teachers they don’t think about us or postie’s or the other key workers and it’s sad to see I do like you’re comment

  1. Yes all my refuse workers have worked to collect all rubbish could you imagine the state of the country and diseases
    if we had not. All we get is a pay freeze.

  2. What about retail like themselves we are all critical workers but no we are still looked upon as the lowest of the lowest. We are the ones that have also put our health at risk just like post workers and bin men

  3. Postal workers are not essential really, plys bin men don’t have to mix with lots of people. I don’t see why teachers get discount they was sat on backsides no schools open till September.

    • Schools have been open throughout the pandemic for keyworker and vulnerable children. Many teaching staff have been in schools and are still going in.

  4. And what about dental professionals. We r few centimetres from your mouth. We r one of more risky professional. As a health professionals we r forgotten. 🙁

  5. What about care workers looking after the vulnerable as well.. More needed then teachers.. Our clients realie on us… Schools open and shut we out 24/7

  6. Shame care workers are not included aswell. I am a carer in a demantia care home and I have worked all the way through and with covid and nothing.!!
    I personally think if your going to do it you should do it for all keyworkers.

  7. Yet again it only fraction of the key workers getting any recognition.
    As fir teachers, that’s just an insult to those that have worked everyday though this, not sat at home on full pay for most of it. Last time we shop here.

  8. Shame on you, being a postie I’ve been pounding the streets since the start, could you explain how someone working for mountain rescue is more eligible than me!! No disrespect to mountain rescue

  9. Teachers have worked every day. Wake up and smell the coffee. Schools have never been shut. Maybe we should have been furloughed and sat on our backsides for a year earning money like most of the population

  10. Just thought I’d say that as a care worker you can qualify for the blue light card which would mean you would be eligible for the 10% off In morrisons =)

  11. It isn’t easy to get this discount even with the Blue Light card. Morrison’s staff continually ask for other I.D such as NHS I.D card or driver’s license, if you don’t have these the cashiers don’t give a discount or do grudgingly, so I tend to shop at Aldi which is cheaper anyway.

  12. Hi i work in a care home with covid clients we have worked right though this pandemic i went shopping in morrisons Hadleigh Essex i showed my letter to say im a front line worker i was told i could not get the 10% discount as i did not work for the N.H.S

  13. What about truck drivers without truck drivers there would be nothing in the shops for people to use the discount card but as per usual truck drivers are never thought of


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