D2C E-Commerce Trends In 2021

[Forrester Report] Key strategies for crafting a comprehensive D2C strategy

If you’re like most brands today, you probably have a lot of questions about direct-to-consumer selling. It’s one area of e-commerce that’s changed a lot in recent years. And according to the latest research, there are many more changes in store.

To help you get ahead of the latest trends, Forrester has put together a new report: Branded Manufacturers: Master Your Own Digital Destiny.

In this free resource, Forrester’s researchers explore the biggest opportunities available to brands today — plus key strategies for crafting a comprehensive D2C strategy. Download it now for step-by-step guidelines you can use to:

  • Identify your brand product type
  • Understand your e-commerce opportunities from third party and first party marketplaces to indirect retail partners
  • Build out your direct-to-consumer strategies
  • And more

No matter where your D2C efforts stand today, this report will make it easier to determine where to focus efforts next.



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