Over 9000 people sign petition to save John Lewis Peterborough store

John Lewis petition store closures
Over 9000 people have now signed a petition in an effort to save the store
// Almost 10,000 people sign a petition to save John Lewis store in Peterborough
// Last week, John Lewis Partnership announced plans to not reopen 8 John Lewis stores when lockdown is eased
// The remaining 34 John Lewis stores will reopen from April 12

Nearly 10,000 people have signed an online petition to save the John Lewis store in Peterborough, after the chain recently announced store closures.

Last week, John Lewis said the department store in Queensgate would not be reopening after lockdown is lifted.

Over 9000 people have now signed a petition in an effort to save the store, as John Lewis continues to shut stores to save cash.


People signing the page have said there are a number of reasons to keep the store open.

Members of staff at the store have also signed it.

Last week, John Lewis Partnership, which also owns Waitrose, announced plans to not reopen eight John Lewis stores when lockdown on non-essential retail is lifted this month.

Consultations with 1465 staff affected by the proposals have commenced and the partnership said it would “make every effort to find alternative roles” in the business for as many staff as possible.

The eight John Lewis stores identified for closure include four smaller At Home shops in Ashford, Basingstoke, Chester and Tunbridge Wells plus four full-size department stores in Aberdeen, Peterborough, Sheffield and York.

The partnership added that the eight shops earmarked for closure were financially challenged prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and that it does not believe their respective trading performances could be improved.

The remaining 34 John Lewis stores will reopen from April 12 subject to government guidance, with the exception of Glasgow, which will reopen from April 26, and Edinburgh, which will reopen on May 14.

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    • Exactly “I want John Lewis to remain open so that I can get my free coffee and cake once a month. They also have clean toilets”. If the store was profitable, they would not be closing it down.
      In the case of Peterborough, it is sad as the store just was rebuilt as part of the expansion of the Queensgate Centre, but, knowing Peterborough Town Centre, I cannot see how JL lasted so long.

    • We do shop there, me and my mum, and the 4 floor Peterborough store was always popular, and looks great after the £21 million makeover nearly 2 years ago.

  1. If only certain people understood the local situation unique to this store and its refurbishment recently before making clever comments it would be helpful!

    • The comments are as salient as yours, the fact that it had a refresh/refurbishment and the local community still didn’t shop there enough to make it commercially successful enough to stay open – says everything about how correct the comments are.

      There is a particular strain of the typical John Lewis Customer base who essentially can be stereotyped as:

      – Want the best quality but don’t want to pay for it
      – Want the better price from elsewhere, but expect John Lewis to match it
      – Want the extended returns policy, but only on their terms
      – Want the convenience of having a store close-by, but want Internet prices and won’t actually buy from there

      Throughout the whole ‘John Lewis closing 8 Stores’ story, we have seen thousands of Customers decree that ‘its unfair’ – I want my local store to stay open, but at the same time expect the business to stay open despite heavy losses.

  2. Is that all you have to worry about your free coffee and cake give the staff some thought about retail wages does your company give free coffee and cake l would think not

  3. Well said Gary. I supported the store, cafes and the staff were excellent. I didn’t take the free drink and cake. The long refurb and lockdown do not show the accurate picture. Many travel in from outside Peterborough (who also support the store) but have not signed the petition. Others bought online because they couldn’t get to the store due to restrictions etc. Therefore the online purchase data may not be a true representation. John Lewis Peterborough should be given a chance to prove itself now, as we leave lockdown, allowing people to show their love and support for a great store.

  4. First of all I feel John Lewis after the refit was not give a chance to show a turn over 1. and 2. If all them that signed shopped in John Lewis Peterborough more often then the Peterborough would not be closing. You all ask to keep it open but will you shop in John Lewis branch every week or still shop on line to find a cheaper brand. What is the point to keep open what is not working for the business . Peterborough was a nice place to come and shop say 18 years ago. Once John Lewis goes the city will offer very little to come for, you may as well keep buying on line. I feel the covid 19 kill the Peterborough branch well and truly.


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