Sainsbury’s ends advertising with GB News

Sainsbury’s has pulled its advertising from GB News and Nigel Farage’s show following a campaign by the activist group Led by Donkeys.
Sainsbury’s ends advertising with GB News following Nigel Farage row

Sainsbury’s will no longer advertise on GB News or Nigel Farage’s show following a campaign by the activist group Led by Donkeys.

The group ran a series of campaigns and posted a viral social media video that gathered more than 2.5 million views in a bid to put pressure on the supermarket chain.

Campaigners put billboards outside Sainsbury’s headquarters asking it to justify “why it pays Nigel Farage’s salary by advertising on his TV show”.


Activists also drove a car outside Sainsbury’s headquarters with a billboard attached which read: “Sainsbury’s is ignoring thousands of customers who are not happy with them advertising on Nigel Farage’s TV show.”

Controversy has surrounded Farage’s show after he made comments about the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and their work rescuing migrants.

He compared the RNLI to a “taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs”.

His comments drew criticism from both the public and politicians including Nicola Sturgeon, which prompted a surge in donations for the lifeboat charity.


Sainsbury’s confirmed with customers on Friday that the advertising campaign had ended.

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  1. Yet there are people who absolutely agree with Farage that will end shopping at Sainsburys.How do they square that circle?Since when do food shops decide who will believe in what?I hope they go bust.

    • Lost my custom over a load of angry lefty idiots, all the same they want to be apart of Europe and at the same time they are trying to help people escape Europe

    • Hey john, by ending their advertising with a news channel, Sainsbury’s are not deciding who believes in what, only you can decide what you believe in, and that choice is yours, and yours alone, not a supermarket’s. Chill.

  2. Scotland gets independence they will soon change there mind if 10000 economic refugees flood onto Scotland evert daywhat will Nicola do then.she being irresponsible as she has already agreed in her white paper for independence that it woukd be a point system. Grass hyporacy..the 2 million who supported this don’t understand the huge shifts of political and poulation pressures that can overtake a country. The UK is a very small island with few resources and a great deal of poverty especially in Scotland.

  3. I will pull my weekly shopping with Sainsbury’s, till they change their minds, supermarkets have no place in politics, go woke go bust

    • I will also stop shopping in Sainsbury’s ,I believe in free speech and and even if I don’t agree with all GB N says cancelling their right to have a different point of view is wrong.

  4. Sainsburys are so ridiculously woke.
    They had all this ‘safe space for black colleagues’ last year.
    I wrote to them and asked where the ‘safe space’ is for the group in society that receives the greatest discrimination …. women.
    Their answer basically said that I’m welcome to shop elsewhere if I didn’t like their policy and didn’t answer my question.
    So I took them up on their suggestion and now shop elsewhere, plus I cut up my Sainsburys credit card and returned it

  5. The irony is that Sainsburys is an up-market supermarket and the majority of people who shop there are NOT woke lefties.

    The whipped up minority of protesters are people who, for the most part, don’t shop there anyway.

    In order to appease a few left-wingers they have alienated their core market.

  6. Whether you agree with him or not, Nigel always talks sense. Please can we go back to the days when adults were allowed to have an opinion, with out being canceled.

    • Hi Judy, you are right, Nigel Farage is a good public speaker, and much of what he says resonates with a large portion of the population who feel disenfranchised and disenchanted with life in the UK. However, his rhetoric is flawed, and comes from a massive position of privilege. None of us have any control over where we are born, and the class we are born into. I can see that you are a deeply caring person, who cares about your loved ones, and worries about their future. I guess you support what N. Farage says, because you feel you and those close to you would be in a better situation if the things he supports came to pass. Sometimes it is good to expand our horizons and broaden our knowledge of global issues by speaking with refugees, or people in other countries like palestine, Syria, or Libya l, to name a few, who ( through no fault of their own) were born into war torn countries where they have little to no control over their circumstances. One day you may have a beautiful family and a thriving business, the next day all of that might be taken away by a bomb blast. Immigration (and emigration) is important. As is tolerance and understanding. I think Nigel sometimes stirs tensions, rather than seeking to try to promote understanding and promote peace. Here’s to a hopefully brighter future for all of us, the one we and our friends in the EU, Africa, India, Jamaica, along with many others – fought the nazis for in ww2. Our problems arent caused by immigrants- they are caused by much wider political and socio- economic issues

  7. Led by Donkeys are a group of overgrown toddlers who haven’t got past Brexit yet and unfortunately, those who should loudest on Twitter manage to bully retailers. You should be standing up for them, not putting headlines like this as their adverts were not ‘pulled’, the series of ads apparently came to an end. GBNews are Ofcom regulated and getting good ratings

  8. I too will no longer shop at Sainsbury’s or there subsidiaries, due to there decision to stop advertising on the best news program we have. GO WOKE GO BROKE. Keep politics out of shopping. They are bending to the lefties and are virtual signalling.

  9. Brilliant move Sainsbury’s—-backing the people who want to bring down capitalism…….I suppose you realise that a shop is part of the capitalist state. Well I won’t be supporting you till you come to your senses.


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