Tesco trials new alcohol security feature ahead of Christmas to clamp down on theft

Tesco has become the first UK supermarket to stock Lovehoney products, following a nationwide partnership with the sexual wellness company.
“We are delighted to be launching in Tesco; this partnership is very important, as it represents the first time we are stocking sex toys in a supermarket,” -Lovehoney’s CCO.
// Tesco make a security change to alcohol aisles ahead of Christmas
// The move comes after the retailer announced it will be checking customer receipts in some branches as they leave

Tesco is trialling a new change to alcohol aisles in store to tackle an increased in thefts.

The supermarket giant is trialling security barriers on aisles that serve alcohol following an increase in shoplifters due to the low levels of staff at the store during the night.

A store in Birmingham is predicted to be the first in the country to try out the security barrier which could be rolled out across the country if successful.

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It comes after Tesco announced it will be checking customer receipts in some branches as they leave.

The security barriers mean that all shoppers will be supervised by a member of staff when attempting to buy goods.

The barriers can be left locked when it is quiet or when there are fewer staff to supervise the aisle.

A supermarket source told The Sun that while its quite an extreme method to cut down on theft, its effective.

“They are a bleak sign of the times but will save Tesco a fortune.”

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  1. Says a lot about the people of Birmingham.. top 3 things to be nicked from supermarkets..razor blades, premium cuts of meat & alcohol oh and fruit that needs to be weighed on the self check outs.

  2. Shoplifting is always a major headache for all shops, and I think it could be on the rise as the economic issues rise. Having been in retail for nearly 40 years the issue of stockloss is always a major target that very rarely is achieved. It is good to see a prevention program being invested in, hopefully a wake up call for all other companies to support their instore teams.

    • A brilliant and welcome move by Tesco. I think they should have done that a long time ago. The amount of Red Store that have in London is a cause for concern. They need a comprehensive long term plan to curtailed the high incidence of shoplifting in their stores.

  3. Why don’t they put a checkout at the only exit from the fenced off / isolated alcohol section. Like at airports seal purchase to show/ indicate payment.


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