PrettyLittleThing launches anti-rape #MyDressDoesntMeanYes campaign for International Women’s Day

PrettyLittleThing partners with Anti-Rape Charities for #MyDressDoesntMeanYes IWD campaign
The donation period is taking place from the 8th – 15th March.
// PrettyLittleThing partners with Anti-Rape Charities for #MyDressDoesntMeanYes IWD campaign
// ISAWITFIRST teams up with Check Your Drink to raise awareness about drink spiking in a new #stopthespike campaign

PrettyLittleThing has launched a #MyDressDoesntMeanYes anti-rape campaign in partnership with charities across the globe in time for International Women’s Day this year.

With 55% of men believing that ‘the more revealing the clothes a woman wears, the more likely it is that she will be harassed or assaulted’ the fashion giant wants society to do better and break down the stigma of female dressing ever meaning yes.

Over the last twenty years, studies in the US and across the world, have found that psychiatrists, judges, jurors, and students believe that a woman wearing a revealing outfit is more likely to be attacked or sexually harassed than a modestly dressed woman, and if attacked, that she is partially responsible for her assault, and her attacker is less culpable.


To draw attention to these stats and help charities supporting sexual violence victims, PrettyLittleThing has launched a slogan tote bag with the message #MyDressDoesntMeanYes and a selected range of dresses.

When shoppers buy a bag or a dress from the range 100% of the profits go to global charities providing infrastructure support to victims of rape and sexual abuse. Charities include The Survivors Trust, Its On Us, End Rape On Campus and En Avant Toutes.

In similar move for International Women’s Day 2022, fast fashion brand ISAWITFIRST has partnered with Check Your Drink to raise awareness about drink spiking in a new #stopthespike campaign.

To commemorate the date, ISAWITFIRST will be giving away free samples of the CYD test kits in each order placed today and the retailer will also provide with customers a dedicated information leaflet.

Check Your Drink offers the UK detection tests, developed by chemists to combat drink spiking. The test works by dabbing a finger, straw or stirrer into a drink, then putting a drop onto each test patch and looking for a colour change.

Bryony Frith, ISAWITFIRST Marketing Manager, said: “As a brand that is run by women for women, this topic was close to our hearts and something that we all have experiences of either directly or indirectly. With this being said, keeping our consumers and staff safe is our main priority, we hope that this partnership with Check Your Drink and the offer of free samples will help people feel safer when drinking in public places.”

Katie Burrington, Check Your Drink Founder, added: “Many bars, nightclubs and student bodies have been looking for effective ways to protect their customers and members against the recent wave of drink spiking and have chosen to stock CYD drug tests in their quest to fight back. Check Your Drink is excited to be working with and supporting ISAWITFIRST customers to help keep more people safe when they are out and about drinking.”

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