Saturday, June 15, 2019
Dr Cheng

Big Interview: Dr Hui Cheng, Head of Research,

While other companies have used drones as showcases, for Dr Hui Cheng and, they've been driven by necessity.

Big Interview: Phil Lewis, Digital Experience Director, Boden

We spoke to Boden's digital experience director Phil Lewis to find out how Boden is developing its catalogue for the digital age.
Kim Winser

Big Interview: Kim Winser, Chief Executive, Winser London

Since 2012 Kim Winser has been focusing on her own brand, Winser London, which saw sales rise 40 per cent last year.
Claudia Roggenkamp

Big Interview: Claudia Roggenkamp, VP Ecommerce Europe, Levi’s

Heritage fashion retailers are reluctant to invest in in-house ecommerce. Levi's bucked that trend, and has Roggenkamp to thank.

Big Interview: Hege Sæbjørnsen, Country Sustainability Manager, Ikea

Sustainability appears to permeate both sides of the till in Ikea, Hege Sæbjørnsen's team are aiming to enact genuine change.
Hannah Wilson

Big Interview: Hannah Wilson, Marketing Director, Gumtree

Its entrance into the public consciousness is often overlooked, but with increasing reliance on technology and decreasing buying power, Gumtree has never been more relevant. We spoke to its marketing director Hannah Wilson.
David Lloyd

Big Interview: David Lloyd, UK Managing Director, Alibaba

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day, also known as 11.11, laughed in the face of Black Friday last year hitting $17.8 billion in sales last year. We spoke to Alibaba's UK managing director David Lloyd to find out their secret.
Maria Raga

Big Interview: Maria Raga, Chief Executive, Depop

The online marketplace has built a loyal following of young creatives, and is often considered a social app as much as it is a retail tool. It was precisely this which attracted chief executive Maria Raga to the company.
Alex Schlagman

Big Interview: Alex Schlagman, Co-founder, Save The High Street

The death of the high street has been predicted as many times as people have predicted armageddon, but Alex Schlagman is the polar opposite of a doomsday preacher.
Dorothy Maxwell

Big Interview: Dorothy Maxwell, Head of Sustainability, House of Fraser

Its new store in Rushden Lakes represents the bold new direction the retailer taken ever since Dorothy Maxwell joined as head of sustainability in 2015.

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