Natalie Brewster The Body Shop profile interview Natura & Co

Big Interview: Natalie Brewster, Global Creative Operations Director, The Body Shop

Before the Covid-19 crisis, The Body Shop's global creative operations director Natalie Brewster spoke to the Retail Gazette.
Crew Clothing David Butler CEO

Big Interview: David Butler, CEO, Crew Clothing

David Butler relfects on how Crew Clothing has "completely changed" since he took the helm three years ago.
Boots Helen Normoyle marketing director beauty halls

Big Interview: Helen Normoyle, Marketing Director, Boots

Boots marketing director Helen Normoyle talks to Retail Gazette about how the health & beauty giant is keeping up.
M&S Nathan Ansell marketing director clothing home Marks Spencer profile interview

Big Interview: Nathan Ansell, Marketing Director, M&S Clothing & Home

The man behind M&S's popular 'Go Jumpers' ad talks to Retail Gazette about his efforts to revive the retailer's clothing division
Aaron Sanandres Untuckit expansion new store opening

Big Interview: Aaron Sanandres, CEO, Untuckit

The man behind the company that started the untucked shirt trend, Aaron Sanandres, tells Retail Gazette
Mike Beagley Rodd & Gunn

Big Interview: Mike Beagley, CEO, Rodd & Gunn

Rodd & Gunn chief executive Mike Beagley tells Retail Gazette about the Kiwi retailer's "sustainable business model"
Oasis & Warehouse CEO Hash Ladha steps down amid administration

Big Interview: Hash Ladha, CEO, Oasis & Warehouse

Hash Ladha has been leading the Oasis and Warehouse Group since 2018, a role in which he's faced "many different pressures".
Jace Tyrrell New West End Company

Big Interview: Jace Tyrrell, CEO, New West End Company

Jace Tyrrell is chief executive of New West End Company, which is a business partnership of 600 UK & international retailers
xupes Joseph McKenzie CEO Andy Dunn Head of Operations big interview

Big Interview: Joseph McKenzie CEO & Andy Dunn, Head of Operations, Xupes

Enter Xupes: the high-end luxury retailer where everything they stock and source is pre-owned.
Sainsbury's Laura Boothby

Big Interview: Laura Boothby, Head of Broadcast Marketing, Sainsbury’s

Laura Boothby, Head of Broadcast Marketing at Big 4 grocer Sainsbury's tells Retail Gazette..

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