Friday, September 17, 2021

Independent retailer mentoring scheme launched

A business mentoring service for independent retailers in town centres has been launched today by the National Skills Academy for Retail, it has been announced.

Launched in association with skills matching service Grey4Gold, Business Mentoring will allow independent businesses the opportunity to gain advice and support from leading ex-retailers.

In an uncertain year of trading, participants will be privy to expert guidance in all key areas of business planning including financial management, merchandising & buying, marketing & PR, property acquisition and multichannel retailing.

Jane Rexworthy, Head of the NSA for Retail, believes the benefits of Business Mentoring will offer good acumen for any small operation in the market.

She said: “The benefits of business mentoring are difficult to overstate.

“Each mentor has considerable retail experience and a specialism in everything from management to logistics.

“Whether leading group sessions focusing on certain skill areas or one-to-one sessions with new or struggling businesses, the mentors will strengthen existing owners and help others turn retailing ideas into reality.”

Yesterday, Britain‘s independent retailers were given recognition for their contribution to the sector during Independent‘s Day 2012, an event championed by Skillsmart Retail and the NSA for Retail.

The new scheme aims to contribute to a recent Government initiative to recruit 15,000 mentors in order to ensure an entrepreneurial ethos within SME‘s in the UK.

Peter Wilson, Business Support Officer at Shropshire Council, has recently been involved in the Business Mentoring service and feels it is inspiring for those needing its support.

“The service was hugely worthwhile,” he noted.

“The mentor brought a fresh pair of eyes and a depth of knowledge which we could never provide – we have had such a good response from our businesses.”


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