Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tesco launches 25 longer Gray & Adams trailers

Tesco has begun a trial of 25 new extended-length Gray & Adams trailers in a bid to reduce carbon emissions, it was announced today.

Gray & Adams, which also provides Tesco with 13.6m and short, urban trailers, built the 25 15.65m refrigerated trailers for the retailer to use as part of a trial backed by the Department for Transport.

Describing Gray & Adams as the “obvious supplier”, Tesco Fleet Engineering Manager Cliff Smith said: “It was best-placed in terms of the development work it had already done on these longer trailers, while experience has also proved that its products are well-designed and ‘fit for purpose‘.

“We run our trailers for eight years but know that Gray & Adams‘ equipment is sufficiently reliable and strongly built to withstand the rigours of a demanding, round-the-clock operation.”

Over the last five years, Tesco‘s ‘F plan‘ – fuller trucks, fewer miles and fuel economy – has enabled the retailer to save 142,000 tonnes of CO2 by taking 111 million miles off the road.

These new trailers are designed to contribute to the F plan as each carries 51 cages, six more than a standard 13.6m trailer.

Mr Smith commented; “That represents an increase in productivity of more than 13 per cent, so the potential benefits in terms of reduced vehicle movements and lower emissions are obvious.

“But we‘ve only just set these trailers on the road, so we still have a fair bit of work to do in terms of driver-training and risk assessment at the delivery points before we come to any firm conclusions.”


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