766,000 Brits leave shopping til Xmas Eve

A staggering 766,000 Brits leave most of their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve, according to new research, despite the rise in online shopping and the increasing popularity of Cyber Monday.

Conversely, according to a consumer shopping trends report by shopping app provider Udozi, 1.8 million UK consumers buy presents 11 months early in order to capitalise on the January sales, while 976,000 shoppers wait for the winter sales and routinely give presents late in order to make savings.

Female respondents of the poll revealed a thrifty approach as 36 per cent said that they spread the cost of Christmas and shop at certain times of the year to secure cheap Christmas presents.

Meanwhile, a separate piece of research by Udozi, undertaken by YouGov and polling the views of 2179 consumers, found that UK shoppers walk an average of just under 20 miles to complete their Christmas shopping.

Some 31 per cent make five or more separate trips to buy presents for family and friends, highlighting the pressure that shoppers feel to find the perfect gift with 33 per cent relying on festive displays at retailers for inspiration.

The survey found that 14 per cent visit four or five shops when searching for a particular product while 53 per cent of respondents were forced to shop online having been unable to find items ahead of the big day or during the January sales.

Alan Gabbay, Founder of Udozi, explained that planning ahead and utilising technology to complete your Christmas shop will help consumers avoid disappointment.

He said: “For shoppers who hope to save some time, money and miles shopping, it‘s worth planning your route and checking whether retailers have your products in stock and at what price, before you head in store.

“Mobile apps and services are available which allow you to reserve and collect your gifts ahead of time, giving you the peace of mind that your items are available, while also saving your time and energy when you‘re out and about.”


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