Waitrose drops Delia

Delia Smith is to exit her partnership with supermarket Waitrose after three years, it was revealed today.

Waitrose signed up Smith along with fellow celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal in March 2010, but her contract with the supermarket will end in February 2013, while Blumenthal will remain in his position as the face of the brand.

Smith and Blumenthal were recruited to work as “food ambassadors”, the first time that the grocer had used celebrities in its advertising.

Since 2010, Smith has appeared in many TV advertisements, providing recipes for customers which could be found on Waitrose.com and on recipe cards available free in stores.

Last month, Smith took part in a live webchat which was hijacked by customers protesting against Waitrose‘s partnership with oil giant Shell, following calls from environmental group Greenpeace to stop the company‘s drilling in the Arctic.

During her tenure, Smith has also showcased products, including seasonal ingredients, which have then been the subject of special monthly deals.

But, by mutual agreement, her contract will not be renewed in February and the supermarket has said that Smith will instead focus on her other projects and commitments for 2013.

Blumenthal‘s contact has been extended, and he will continue to feature in advertising and develop his in-store range of products throughout the next year.

Commenting on Smith‘s departure, Rupert Thomas, Waitrose‘s Marketing Director, said: “It has been such a fantastic experience working together and we have been really appreciative of the work Delia has done with Waitrose.

“We remain on very good terms and will be continuing to work closely with her until the end of February.”


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