Saturday, October 23, 2021

Primark “shocked and saddened” by factory collapse

Fast fashion retailer Primark has said that it is “shocked and saddened” by news that a Bangladeshi garment factory occupied by one of its suppliers has collapsed, killing more than 100 people and promised to take action to improve standards.

Yesterday, the eight-story building near Dhaka collapsed and officials said that more than 1,000 had been injured while hundreds are feared to be trapped under rubble at the scene as rescue efforts continue.

One of Primark‘s suppliers occupied the second floor of the building, the retailer confirmed, while several other suppliers to the UK garment industry also worked there.

In a statement on the disaster, Primark commented: “The company is shocked and deeply saddened by this appalling incident at Savar, near Dhaka, and expresses its condolences to all of those involved.

“Primark confirms that one of its suppliers occupied the second floor of the eight storey building, which housed several suppliers to the garment industry making clothing for a number of brands.”

Earlier this week, the chain reported a 24 per cent total sales rise in its first half compared with a year earlier as its Chairman hailed the continuation of “the Primark success story”.

The retailer pledged to provide support to those affected and to work towards improving standards, commenting: “Primark has been engaged for several years with NGOs and other retailers to review the Bangladeshi industry‘s approach to factory standards.

“Primark will push for this review to also include building integrity.

“Meanwhile Primark‘s ethical trade team is at this moment working to collect information, assess which communities the workers come from, and to provide support where possible.”


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