Opinion: So much more to come from Amazon


There‘s no getting away from the fact that Amazon‘s rapid sales growth is something many retailers fear.

Despite the e-commerce giant – which continues to add categories every month -posting a UK sales slow down by half as retailers hit back through click and collect and a focus on customer service, one suspects that Amazon is only just beginning its mission to head-hunt retails top talent.

Its Slough headquarters, where it has been since 1998, has been unattractive to many. The area is peripheral, full of traffic and crammed full of shabby buildings and that‘s just one of the reasons why they‘re taking 12 floors at 60 Holborn Viadcut, Central London.

The technical team are already there and there will be a transition of buyers, general merchandisers and marketers joining at a stunning building which will eventually swell to 1,600 Amazon staff.

Christopher North, Managing Director of Amazon.co.uk says he is looking forward to drawing from the capital‘s “strong pool of talent.”

It‘s difficult to predict what Amazon will do next. Delivery drones, an innovative predictive supply chain model to launching its Prime Instant Video, they now make up an astonishing 23.4 per cent of the entertainment market.

You can‘t help feeling that there‘s much much more to come.