Thursday, April 25, 2019

Radley‘s profits pay for a makeover


After a profitable year, Radley is set to target a new demographic, with a brand overhaul and a new Instagram campaign.

The last few years have resulted in several losses for the British handbag and accessories brand, as it has struggled to maintain its traditional mature market audience. Now, to celebrate the company‘s turnover rising by 13%, resulting in £38.5m profit by the end of April 2014, Radley has decided to create a more youthful look in order to amplify 2015‘s revenue, through a wider consumer base.

Founded by Lowell Harder in 1998 and originating in Camden Market, the company has quickly progressed to become the global retailer it is today. Now selling to 47 countries worldwide, Radley had seemingly expanded too quickly, leading to losses in profit and a lack of stylistic direction. In 2013, the Mail on Sunday quoted Harder saying, “It was trying to be something it wasn‘t. I guess it had lost some of its fun”.

However, in 2015 the company appears to have a new found confidence, alongside the profit to assist it. New CEO Xavier Simonet has been appointed together with a return from Roger Best- the former CEO. Jointly they have turned the company around, aiming to provide for younger women with new vibrant colours and affordable luxury.

The Instagram Campaign has been devised by 1000heads marketing and includes profiles on successful, ‘normal‘ women in fashion who are passionate about the brand. The chosen candidates take over Radley‘s Instagram feed for three days at a time, telling their own, ‘Me and My Radley Story‘. Denisia, a successful fashion blogger for, is the most recent influencer to take over the account, urging a more youthful audience to purchase the SS15 collection. Nick Vance, Radley‘s Marketing Director commented, “we‘re excited to be able to offer our audiences a unique way to be involved in shaping our content with their own personal perspective”.

The campaign provides both parties with a strong social media platform, allowing the target audience (women aged 35-44), to access the latest trends with ease. Vance is confident that the transition will be a triumph, and with a profitable start to the year on Radley‘s side, he “can‘t wait to see the results 1000heads will achieve”.