Saturday, February 23, 2019

Neteven joins the Chinese e-commerce boom


European trading platform Neteven has announced that it will partner with Alibaba‘s Tmall in order to help European retailers enter China.

Shaoming Yang, Head of Tmall Global Europe, said “Europe is a key strategic market for Tmall Global. Our goal is to help brands and retailers to address Chinese consumers who highly appreciate their products”.

The collaboration will allow Neteven to make the most of China‘s trade following Lunar New Year‘s profitable success across the globe. China is already the biggest overseas consumer of British products online, with 25% of UK overseas shopping orders being placed there. It is a successful global hub for retailers, having profited $111bn from sales over Lunar New Year, an increase of 11% from 2014.

Royal mail is getting ready for the expansion, having announced that it will be joining the Chinese e-commerce boom, with its own space on Alibaba‘s Tmall Global e-marketplace. This will provide 302m Chinese consumers with the ability to order more products directly from Britain. Royal Mail will be celebrating the event by including a special postmark on items delivered nationwide 2 March-4 March.

Brompton Bicycles is a retailer set to benefit from the expansion. The West London based firm has confirmed that it will be trading through Royal Mail, allowing Chinese consumers to receive cycling goods straight to their front doors.

The collaboration, which is set to go live towards the end of this month, is a positive move forward, with Royal Mail Chief Executive Moya Greene stating. “Royal Mail‘s new shop front will help support British retailers and exporters expanding into the China market, fulfilling the strong demand of Chinese consumers for authentic, high quality British goods.”

British chain Marks and Spencer has already benefitted from its expansion into China through The brand saw its sales increase by 200% last year on the website, with the online store being a popular choice.

Over the last 10 years, Neteven has collaborated with leading companies and marketplaces, providing its clients with a comprehensive offering. Though the company already has access to 80m buyers, the collaboration will allow Neteven to focus on an even wider audience.

By using the collaborated platform, retailers will be able to manage the full selling process online. Greg Zemor, CEO of Neteven believes this is just as important as developing a company‘s software and technology systems:

“Beyond technology, we needed to offer the market a good value proposition. Neteven‘s solution is more than a software. It provides its clients with an end-to-end access to large marketplaces and their audience of active buyers”.