Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tesco voted Britain‘s favourite supermarket


Despite board shuffles and an accounting scandal towards the end of last year, Tesco has been voted as Britain‘s favourite supermarket. A recent poll by a money saving website found that Tesco is the nation‘s no.1 go-to for groceries, with almost 29% of Brits voting the company above competitors. 37% of those who voted for Tesco as their favourite said that a budget supermarket would previously have been their first choice. In spite of a turbulent year, the grocery store‘s reputation precedes it.

VoucherCodesPro conducted the study as part of ongoing research into the shopping habits and decisions of Britons. All respondents taking part were asked if they shop at a single supermarket or visit more than one a week – 67% frequent more than one supermarket weekly while just over a third (33%) remain loyal to one supermarket weekly.

Tesco was voted as the most popular grocer, followed by Aldi, then Lidl, then Asda and lastly Sainsbury‘s.

Those who selected Tesco as their favourite supermarket cited the store‘s Clubcard scheme, the array of “branded goods” on offer and generally more choice, as their reasons.

The same group of respondents were questioned as to which supermarket was their favourite last year and while the vast majority said Tesco again, the rest answered with one of the German discounters Aldi or Lidl, suggesting that the budget chains‘ popularity is declining.

Shoppers who switched from Aldi and Lidl to Tesco this year indicated that a lack of parking at the budget supermarkets, large queues and “too many non-branded goods” were some of the reasons why.

Nick Swan, CEO of VoucherCodesPro, commented:

“Tesco had a bad year in 2014, but they seem to have had a recovery of sorts in the early months of 2015. Aldi and Lidl really stole a lot of customers from Tesco, and other major supermarkets, in 2014 with their discounted prices, but it would seem that Tesco has stolen those customers straight back.”