Robots could pick and pack groceries for Ocado

Online grocer Ocado is said to be developing robots that could massively reduce the need for people who pick and pack groceries for shoppers.

In plans filed in an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Ocado describes a system which uses two types of robot mounted on a frame above the stacks of merchandise, reports The Guardian Aisles would be removed so that machines and humans could travel around warehouses and there would be extra space for goods which could improve efficiency and minimise costs.  

Ocado said it “is always looking for ways to enhance its customer proposition through the development of industry-leading and proprietary technology. As a result, we file a number of patents each year but we may not choose to utilise everything that we patent. As the business grows in scale, we will continue to grow our workforce with a focus on providing the best and most efficient service to our customers.”

The grocery pureplay is heavily invested in technology, having operated at a loss for nearly 15 years so it could drive proficient operations through innovative systems. 


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