Monday, February 17, 2020 deal a ‘discounted version‘ of 2015 John Lewis Christmas campaign


This year‘s John Lewis Christmas advertisement is another £7m campaign, and took seven months to film and produce.

In response to the heavily anticipated #OnTheMoon ad, has partnered with the School of Communication Arts and challenged students to recreate the campaign in seven hours with a budget of £700.

The video features John Lewis‘ renovated ad, and covers background footage of the challenging project.

The discount retailer is famous for offering high street goods at minimal prices. So, in parodying the advertisement royalty that is John Lewis‘ Christmas campaign,‘s renovation seeks to promote the cheeky brand with the modest prices.

For the retailer‘s tribute, asked the students to convene in an ‘advertising war room‘ at 8am on Friday at the School of Communication Arts, where they have assembled an award-winning team of creatives, directors, production folk, artists, recording experts to help contribute to the making of the markdown version on behalf of the discount retailer.

Industry mentors such as Marc Lewis, and Frank PR founder, Andrew Bloch, are all chipping in to get the innovated ad produced and completed by 4pm today. 

School of Communication Arts student Chloe said, “We’re super excited that our video is being used for this campaign. Everyone in advertising treats the John Lewis advert like a public holiday, so to be able to do something this reactive was a fantastic challenge and one we had a lot of fun doing.

“We can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction and it was of course lovely to see a few grown men playing with dolls all afternoon.” 

To view the discount retailer‘s light-hearted parody of the John Lewis advert go to: