Friday, January 21, 2022

Breaking: Android Pay released in UK

After months of speculation, Android Pay has officially launched in the UK today.

Google announced last month that the contactless payment service would soon be available in the UK. It has been available in America for some time now, with Google claiming it attracts over 1.5m new users every month.

Supported banks include Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Halifax and Lloyds. RBS does not currently support the app, though an announcement on its Twitter page said that it is “something we are currently looking into and [we] hope to make an announcement soon.”

Contactless payments such as Apple Pay have been consistently increasing in popularity. Visa Europe recently announced that over 3 billion contactless transactions had been made in Europe over the last year, almost triple the figures from 2014-15. The UK was one of the top three countries in Europe for contactless payments, catalysed by their use for London public transport.

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