Saturday, August 20, 2022

Nick Beighton is watching you: Asos staff compare surveillance to 1984

Asos has recently revealed its plans to install additional cameras to oversee staff in its largest warehouse in Barnsley.  

The fashion etailer will be adding 300 CCTV cameras above and around workstations at Asos‘s packing centre this year.

The move has sparked a significant amount of concern, causing GBM trade union members to argue that Asos‘ plans are an invasion of privacy.

 “[Management] told us that it‘s for ‘customer care‘ but we think they‘re going to be spying on it” an employee told the Evening Standard.

“It‘s going to put even more pressure on us to go quicker. Everyone feels a bit wary about [the cameras]. It‘s going to feel like we‘re in Big Brother”.

The company owners of the warehouse attempted to defend its plans.  

“We are fully engaged in an open discussion with our employee forum on this proposal” said Ken Perrit Supply Chain Account Director at XPO Logistics.

“First and foremost, any additions to the existing system will be made specifically to improve customer service.

“This is completely standard in the industry and we are talking through these proposals with our teams on site before deciding on any final plans.”

Asos is yet to comment.


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