Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Loyalty programmes key to increasing consumer spend: survey

Fifty-nine per cent of British shoppers would be encouraged to spend more with a brand if they had a loyalty programme, new research reveals.

Published today by marketing agency ICLP, the study also revealed that 63 per cent of shoppers would be encouraged to shop more frequently or spend more with a brand if they received discounts on future purchases.

Meanwhile, 36 per cent of consumers expected offers that were personalised and relevant to them when they walk into a store, while 18 per cent were likely to spend more in a retail store where they were greeted by name and made to feel like a valued customer.

ICLP surveyed 1014 shoppers nationwide to examine consumers‘ attitudes towards brand loyalty and highlight how innovative loyalty programmes were high on the agenda for consumers when considering their preferred retailers.

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This is particularly true of Baby Boomers, with 74 per cent saying they would be encouraged to spend with a brand that has a loyalty programme.  

While 58 per cent Generation X and 41 per cent of Millennials demonstrated plenty of appetite for loyalty programmes, they wanted the programmes to do more to continue to engage younger audiences. 

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ICLP general manager Jason De Winne said the “stakes are much higher now” for retailers.

“Gone are the days when a loyalty card alone would encourage consumers to choose a particular retailer above all others,” he said.

“Effective loyalty programmes need to recognise and cater to what customers value, such as being greeted by name when entering a store, personalised offers or VIP events, in order to drive brand engagement and devotion.”

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