Tesco Bank customers still at risk of fraud

Victims of the Tesco Bank hack could face further attacks by cyber criminals according to the UK‘s official online safety group.

Get Safe Online has warned customers that cyber criminals will attempt to capitalise on one of the biggest attacks on a bank in history.

Any email or phone call that is asking customers to move money from their account, confirm their login details, or hand over a debit card for checking should be ignored.

“In light of the Tesco Bank attack fraudsters will try to exploit our insecurities that our accounts are vulnerable,” Andrew Goodwill, from the anti-fraud organisation the Goodwill Group, said.

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“Not everyone will fall for the scam, but the small number who do make it worthwhile. If in doubt, don‘t do anything until you call your bank.”

He also warned customers to be wary of any correspondents asking for bank details including pins, passwords and security questions.

The retailer confirmed they would never ask for pin numbers over the phone and would never text or email a link to their account login page.

Over 9000 accounts were hit by fraudsters last weekend, with some losing thousands of pounds. 

Tesco Bank have promised to reimburse all those affected and has so far paid back £2.5 million.

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