Usdaw join the 170,000 calling for shops to shut on Boxing Day

Usdaw has voiced its support for the 170,000-signature petition for shops to remain closed on Boxing Day for the sake of retail staff.

The retail worker‘s union Usdaw said it is “seeking the longest possible break for retail staff over the Christmas and New Year period.”

“We are also calling for shops to be closed on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, as well as early closing by 4pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve,” the union stated.

Previously the union won the right for large stores to remain closed on Chirstmas day and have made efforts to expand this to small retailers.

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The petition was set up by baker Ian Lapworth on, who states retailers should respect the holiday season and allow workers “some decent family time to relax and enjoy the festivities like everyone else.”

Lapworth continued: “Most retail workers are on the go up to Christmas Eve, then back on Boxing Day. Sometimes they have no choice.

“Forget making money for one day, let’s concentrate on making more memories with the ones we love.”

Of the 170,000 plus signatures many appeared to be retail employees who were vocal in their support for the cause attempting to decommercialise the holiday season which is saturated with sales and shopping events.

Last year a similar petition was submitted to the government, who responded stating that it was not down to them to decide when businesses should open.

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