Nike introduces “Flyleather” made from 50% recycled leather


Nike has announced a new “super” material made from 50 per cent recycled leather in an effort to reduce wastage during manufacturing.

“Flyleather” is the sportswear giant‘s latest sustainability push. It collects discarded leather scraps, which can reportedly total around 30 per cent of a cows hide in traditional manufacturing, and reduces them to fibres.

These are then combined with synthetic fabrics and fused together to create Flyleather, which is reportedly 40 per cent lighter and five times stronger than traditional leather.

The process also produces an 80 per cent lower carbon footprint than traditional processes while using 90 per cent less water.

The first Flyleather product will be an all-white Tennis Classic, available online or at Nike‘s Soho store in London, alongside its flagships in New York.

“Nike Flyleather completely mimics athletic, pigmented full-grain leathers in everything from fit to touch,” Nike footwear innovation vice president Tony Bignell added.

“Unlike with traditional leathers, Flyleather can be produced with a consistent grade across a broader range of product.”

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