CMA flags Vision Express’ takeover of Tesco Opticians

Tesco Opticians

The  Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has warned that Vision Express‘ proposed acquisition of the Tesco Opticians chain could “lead to a worse deal for some customers”.

The CMA said a takeover deal could decrease competition for shoppers in three local areas.

Vision Express bought Tesco’s opticians business in April as part of the grocery giant’s turnaround strategy, which aims “simplify its business” as part of the retailer’s financial recovery.

As a result, the CMA investigated more than 200 areas where Vision Express and Tesco Opticians both have stores.

The country’s peak competition authority identified Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, Helston in Cornwall, and Ryde on the Isle of Wight as areas where “Vision Express would not face sufficient competition after the merger”.

Vision Express has been given an opportunity to address CMA’s findings.

If does not or if changes are not made to address the concerns, the CMA could be prompted to undergo an in-depth investigation into the takeover.

“Opticians provide a vital service for millions of people in the UK and it is therefore important that any competition concerns are addressed,” CMA senior director Adam Land said.

“In this case, we have looked carefully where Vision Express and Tesco Opticians compete at present and identified three areas of the country where we believe this merger could result in a worse deal for eye care customers.”

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  1. VE have not purchased yet. It is subject to CMA approval. Tesco Opticians is still in the ownership of Tesco and still being run by Tesco

  2. It’s not fair that vision express are going to charge customers when tesco did it for free. Vision express should of offered this as well. Don’t think I will be a vision express customer as I can’t afford an eye test it’s why I went to tesco. I found that tesco was able to diagnose a condition i had that spec savers couldn’t.

  3. Already fed up with Vision Express. I’d been using Tesco Optician for nearly 10 years. VE gave my teen daughter no advice about glasses she was trying on recently (husband was with her) & didn’t give her a case with the glasses. I have been told that they will soon stop supplying the type of contact lens I’ve used for years – they’ve already put the price up & no doubt their own brand lenses will be even more expensive. Also been told that after care for lenses will be £35!! I was never charged for eye tests or lens fittings or aftercare by Tescos – quite right too if you are spending hundreds of pounds a year on lenses & glasses. I’m fuming & will be switching when I find a vuabke alternative.


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