Wilko to make 1000 jobs redundant

Wilko staff

Wilko is poised to make 1000 jobs redundant after a consultation period with 3700 staff members.

According to Retail Week, the retailer is has accepted 1,030 applications for redundancy from store staff.

It has also made 19 redundancies where staff could not be redeployed.

The redundancies includes assistant manager positions and store supervision roles culled.

Many store supervision roles have also been consolidated into team supervisor roles.

At the same time, Wilko has promoted or redeployed more than 2600 store staff and will now recruit 224 new supervisors.

The value retailer first revealed plans to cull staff and carry out a consultation process in August, not long after it recorded an 80 per cent drop in profits in its full-year report.

“We thought long and hard about undertaking this review and knew it would be difficult,” Wilko retail director Anthony Houghton said.

“We also knew that it was necessary if we were to maintain our presence and continue to thrive within an ever-changing retail landscape.

“In consultation with the GMB, our recognised trade union, we listened to what team members wanted and made changes based on that.”

Chief operating officer Sean Toal said that although Wilko had seen both positive customer numbers and sales growth during 2017, “this was not translating into positive results”.

“This is not sustainable into the future and we had to make some tough decisions to reorganise,” he said.

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  1. This is a lie they did not listen to team members at all.i had no choice but to apply for the team supervisor role because my role was going.13 weeks of training hasn’t even properly started .the team supervisor role is a complete joke.im on the job hunt because it’s making me I’ll working for wilko I loved my job before but they are just lying with everything can’t wait to get out now.mr Houghton you mate are a liar try doing this role yourself along with all the other bright sparks that sit around all day making decisions when they probably never worked a day in a shop.well done for making your staff very unhappy and dread going to work.

    • I agree with what has been said I took redundancy as I had no choice I was lied to all the way through the consultation period so glad I got out. Wilko used to be a great place to work but in the end I could not wait to leave and the redundancy pay I got was a pittance the only people I feel sorry for are the ones I left behind still working for wilko.

  2. Totally agree with the comments above. Nearly 12 years working for Wilko and I left with less than £4000 redundancy. It was a case of redundancy, apply for a supervisor role working all hours or take a 50p an hour pay cut and do the same job. Also lost £300 from my redundancy as I had taken most of my holiday as I wasnt planning on leaving and they took the excess back. So much for a caring family company. Feel sorry for those still there having to cope with the fallout. We had a great team and lost 4 staff to redundancy from the nine affected. Saying that we are all happy in our new jobs, all away from retail.

  3. I agree with the above comments . why thay still call themselves family orientated is beyond belief. They forgot to mention the cull in the loss prevention department. Out sourcing the security and the team leaders. Tuped out. The security gaurds were tuped into the same role but the team leaders were not so lucky. Tuped out and across to the out source company knowing there jobs were redundant. Passed the dirty work to another company. I myself gave this company 1o years. And for what?

  4. Worst company I’ve ever worked for, store manager was vile, a little group of staff licked her a##e and was two faced, I took redundancy and now work for a brilliant company with brilliant colleagues. 9 years I did at wilko, no fond memorys at all. I’ll celebrate when it goes bust!!

  5. I was so glad I was forced to take redundancy. I was not just bullied but abused by my manager. Stopped from any promotion made to leave the building if in work too early to catch up on work as not enough hours to do the job. My same level co workers allowed in anytime. The list could go on to even it leaving me with not even being able to go out . the company will go bust it has no staff no values and serious problems with bullying which is just ignored. I felt like my life had started again when I left . I work in a job that is so normal and I didn’t realise how bad it was at wilko until I left. I can’t even step foot in the store the years of vomiting before going to work has stopped that.


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