Morrisons donates £45k to the Community Fridge Network


Morrisons has donated £45,000 to the Community Fridge Network allowing the charity to nearly double in size.

The initiative, which is run by charity Hubbub, provides fridges full of surplus food donated by local retailers and households to those struggling to make ends meet.

According to the The Guardian, this investment will allow the Community Fridge Network to increase its amount of fridges from 31 to 58 over the next six months.

The grocer already donates surplus food to community fridges in Sheffield, Somerset, Frome and Shildon is now looking to set up five new partnerships across its store network.

“Every area should have a community fridge” Hubbub chief executive Trewin Restorick said.

“It’s a wonderfully simple way to stop fresh food from going to waste and it’s fantastic to see organisations like Morrisons supporting the network.

“With more investment and support from big businesses, we can make sure so much more fresh food is enjoyed and not destroyed.”

The scheme, which was launched last year, is understood to redistribute 525kg of food from each fridge every month, equating to over 30 tonnes of food per month between now and November.

Other retailers who work with the charity to donate surplus food include Tesco, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Lidl, Spar and Co-op.

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