Terra Firma seeks to offload Wyevale Garden Centres

Wyevale Garden Centres has been put up for sale by its owner Terra Firma following huge investment in its turnaround strategy.

The garden retailer, which reported a £105.5 million operating loss in its latest published set of results, is reportedly on track to see its best ever May thanks to a turnaround effort which, according to chief executive Roger Mclaughlan, has transformed the retailer “beyond recognition”.

Specialist business property advisors Christie & Co have been drafted in to handle the sales process, which will see all of Wyevale’s 145 garden centres including 144 restaurants, 700 concessions be sold.

“The improvements made by the new leadership team at Wyevale Garden Centres supported by 6000 dedicated colleagues, means that now is the right time to seek new, long term ownership for the business,” Terra Firma’s vice president Justin King said.

Mclaughlan added: “Wyevale Garden Centres has transformed beyond recognition over the last few years, and our customers are responding really positively to all the improvements we’ve been making, with improved ranges, high stock availability and exceptional garden centre standards.

“Our improved business has engaged colleagues and put customers at the heart of what we do. Thanks to the hard work of all of our colleagues, we remain firmly on track to grow our sales and profits this year.”

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  1. Simple the stores are overpriced and a warm dry environment for those seeking a “day out” I’ve come to browse and buy elsewhere online as the markups are crazy.

  2. boring all the same plants poor quality overpriced just for starters. the several garden centres in and around Coventry taken over by the wyevale group were so much more diverse and interesting when they were independents. I hope they are shut down and sold to people who care and know what they are talking about. wyevale are synonymous with poor quality and poor value.

  3. They take on one of a kind garden centres and turn them into the same as their other stores nearby. We have seen a great out of the ordinary garden centre turn into one the Same as one of their own nearby selling the same things. The reason the some stores did well beforehand was their uniqueness, why on earth buy them if your going to get rid of why they were popular in the first place.

  4. I worked at a garden center which was taken over by wyevale. There is a huge culture of “profits over everything” and they bled the life and soul out of the place. They sacked the manager (who had been working there for 20 years) with zero warning and we had to share a manager with a nearby center. The new manager trotted around in heels (everyone else had to wear safety boots) and had zero interest in plants or knowledge about gardening. I’m not surprised it’s tanking as they treat garden centers like any other retail store.

  5. Everything is overpriced. And much stuff is not ģreat quality. Try taking something back. I’ve been treated very poorly with serious attitude issues. I hope things change with Dobbies.

  6. Restaurant overpriced and staff disinterested. One little thimble of milk with 2 pots of tea.
    Nobody knew anything about garden furniture. Eventually somebody said they would try and find the manage. Came back and said he had evidently gone home.


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