Retail Gazette Loves: UK shoppers’ terrible spelling


The meteoric rise in online shopping has meant that billions of products are now at our fingertips via a quick search.

You might think that the 1.9 billion people making 40,000 Google searches per day would lead to an improvement in our spelling.

According to new data from Argos, which receives around 18 million visits per day, this is not the case.

Between January and June this year, over 3000 people searched for a “vaccum cleaner”, with another 2000 hoping to buy a “vacume cleaner”.

The hot weather can have an affect on our energy levels, but it can also apparently limit our spelling ability, with hundreds of shoppers searching for “barbacues”, “charcole”, “trampiline”, “trampoline” and “tramploines”.

It seems big brands are also not immune, with hundreds of shoppers hoping to by an “aiphone” or an “ipone”, alongside a pair of new “Rebooks” or a brand new “Ninetendo”.

“We can’t all spell perfectly, and the Argos website almost always correctly guesses what you you’re trying to find, regardless of whether you’ve made a mistake,” an Argos spokeswoman said.

“Whether you want an aiphone, ipone, ifone or ipond, we’ve got everything you need.”

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