Asos launches new “coming of age” brand Collusion


This October Asos is set to launch a new affordable brand Collusion aimed at those “coming of age” – which will target Generation Z.

A national marketing campaign will be launched alongside the new brand, capturing 100 young people living in the UK who have turned, or will turn, eighteen this year.

These individuals will be asked: “What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?”

The online retailer says it aims to “create an image of a group portrait and visual census of Britain’s youth at a unique moment in time.”

The brand also targets an audience who are looking for something different from the fashion industry.

Influencers, activists and student stylists have been working with the brand to produce a gender fluid and affordable range which is based on the “ideals of collaboration, inclusivity and experimentation.”

Asos is set to recruit members of the Generation Z demographic to keep the brand fresh and provide a voice for today’s youth.

More details including the line-up of collusion and collaborators will be announced soon.

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