Jigsaw breaks 2015 pledge and launches first ever Black Friday campaign

Jigsaw kate holt

Jigsaw is set to launch its first ever Black Friday sale this week, breaking a pledge it made in 2015 to not take part in the event.

The fashion retailer launched a “pricing manifesto” three years ago, promising to not take part in the discount season, but to instead offer end-of-season sales – adding that it had “kept that promise”.

Its Black Friday sale will now see selected items offered at 20 per cent off during the day.

A statement on the retailer’s website read: “A lot can happen in three years. The economic, political and retail landscapes have changed dramatically. And it would be a stubborn brand that refused to adapt accordingly.

“At the heart of every decision we make is our customer. In 2015, we launched a pricing manifesto pledging not to discount in season, but instead to offer end of season sales.

“We will continue to offer fantastic season-ending sales and reward our loyal customers throughout the season. In addition, we’ve listened to your feedback and stretched our pricing architecture to make our collection more accessible. We have also introduced occasional offers during the season for limited periods.

“What we haven’t done – and will not do – is compromise our quality. We value our sourcing principles, carefully chosen fabrics and great design. We price honestly. And we know you need beautiful wardrobe staples that won’t break the bank.”

The discounting event, due at the end of this week, has proven divisive this year.

As numerous studies have predicted that footfall on the high street will decline, retailers like B&Q have opted out of the event.

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  1. Jigsaw, this is a nieve change of stance when so many retailers are quite rightly questioning the true value of Black Friday, particularly for those who trade largely through bricks and mortar stores. Coming in at this stage and changing your stance only tells the world your business model is not working and you have to do this, which is clearly not a good move. I suspect its too late to pull it, as signs will be up in-store and online, but do so if you can.


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